Jam Shortbread

Always a favorite.  Rich, buttery shortbread striped with an organic jam.  This particular batch is a mix of raspberry & strawberry.

Bella's Bakes Hawaiian

Milton, DE - May 24 2010 - Bella's Cookies is introducing a new line of products May 30th with a preview of these releases at Saturday's opening Farmer's Market in Lewes. "They're Hawaiian favorites" said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella's Cookies). Through a recent bakery exploration trip to the island of Oahu and Kauai, Bella's is bringing current favorites from the Hawaiian Islands and Polynesia to Delaware.

Over 10 new bakery and dessert items are being released this summer from Bella's. A natural and organic bakery, Bella's found a popular assortment of fresh baked Hawaiian delights while on a recent trip to the islands. Seeking out popular bakeries such as Ted's Bakery and Love's Bakery, and several smaller local bakeries, they found the best of Hawaii. Bella's also toured several different types of plantations (pineapple, sugar, rum, and coffee) to learn more about Hawaiian baking using specific Hawaiian ingredients. The climate of Hawaii makes conditions optimal for these ingredients. Hawaii recently started distilling Hawaiian rum from the sugar grown on the island of Kauai. Bella's already bakes a rum cake known as the "Delaware Rum Cake" which incorporates locally distilled Dogfish Head Brown Honey Rum. Among some of the items being offered this summer will be Fresh Pineapple Upside Down Cake (a Bella's version of Ted's), Fresh Pineapple muffins and sweet breads, Lilikoi (Passion fruit) Cheesecake, Tahitian Coconut bread and more. Of the new creations, Leishear says a few will remain in the regular baking rotation. "Some will be available through the summer and then get tucked away until they're needed again -- some will remain steady favorites, and get made year round." Bella's will be offering up a sneak preview of this summer's lineup at this Saturday's Historic Lewes Farmer's Market.

Bella's Cookies, Inc. is a natural & organic bakery in Milton, DE.  Ordering, including custom baked goods and desserts for those with food allergies, can be done online at www.bellascookies.com, or by calling 302-684-8152.

Bella's Releases New Cookie Lineup

Milton, DE - May 23, 2011 - Bella's Cookies begins its 6th year at the Historic Lewes Farmer's Market, Saturday May 28th. This year Bella's will be introducing several new products on opening day, and several other new items throughout the course of the summer. The first of these new products is a cookie made with white beans. Additional new offerings from the company's gluten-free category were also developed to meet growing demand.

"Our newest cookie is made with a twist on baking with beans... white beans; they took a lot of experimentation" said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella's Cookies) "the finished product is both delicious and healthy". Several months of research and development went into perfecting a cookie made with puréed white beans. Leishear wanted to build a cookie that was essentially fat-free, filled with protein, fiber, and still packed the taste of a Bella's cookie. The new cookie is called "Leguma Beach" and is made with puréed white beans, organic oats, chopped walnuts, and dark chocolate chunks. It is also made completely free of eggs and butter. Leishear is excited about this cookie, as being a former personal trainer to corporations such as General Electric, Bristol Myers-Squibb and AT&T in New York, she says, "it's something that both athletes and health minded people will enjoy, and it's just a great tasting snack". Along with the health benefits of the white beans, oats, walnuts, and dark chocolate each of their flavors mix perfectly to create a moist, classic cookie. They look to incorporate other varieties of beans into future cookies.

Bella's has seen a yearly increase in the number of people purchasing allergen-specific baking. Families and individuals are modifying the way they hold birthday parties, dinner parties, weddings, and events by having gluten-free, vegan, or egg-free options either available or exclusive. In keeping with that demand, Bella's gluten-free product line has several new additions this summer. The first is a new gluten free mixed berry breakfast cookie. Originally created as meal replacers for the Leishear's children on their drive to preschool, breakfast cookies were quickly embraced by hospitals, schools and people simply wanting a healthy snack any time of day. Traditionally made with organic whole-wheat flour, a gluten-free breakfast cookie had to be designed devoid of this main ingredient and was made with a combination of gluten-free flours and gluten-free oats. As with their entire line of Breakfast Cookies, these are also made with no eggs or dairy. A second new product is a gluten-free oatmeal Whoopie Pie. Two gluten-free organic oatmeal cookies are sandwiched between a sweet confectioner cream filling. "The traditional Whoopie pie we sell at the farmers market is always a big hit," said Leishear "this gives those that need to follow a gluten-free diet an opportunity to taste something only others had available to them before". Additionally a new dessert item is a gluten-free, agave-sweetened cheesecake. This item is also available in area restaurants and eateries this summer - a listing of establishments is on their website.

Bella's Cookies, Inc. is a natural & organic bakery in Milton, DE. Ordering, including custom baked goods and desserts for those with food allergies, can be done online at www.bellascookies.com, or by calling 302-684-8152.

Bella's Cookies Family Shares Recipes In Southern Living

Milton, DE. - January 9th 2007 - You won't find a mention of Bella's Cookies in Southern Living magazine this month... but you will find owner Kelly Leishear and her family (Mark, Bella & Liam) sharing 3 healthy recipes for families to try in the New Year.

Planning over a year in advance, then arriving in May of this past year, Southern Living magazine visited the Leishear family home in Milton, DE. Their purpose: to spotlight healthy vegetarian fare (a first for the magazine's annual January "Healthy Living" section) and test some quick & easy power meals for families. During their 4 day visit, a crew consisting of a writer, photographer, chef & stylist re-arranged the Leishear household into "a place that we had to clean up and re-arrange every night after they left" (said Mark Leishear, laughing). "They focused on exercise & how our family exercises, what we eat, how our children eat" (said Mark) "a lot of material didn't make the magazine, but it's fantastic." There are 3 recipes profiled in the magazine; a Vegetarian Chili, Tomato-Spinach Penne, and a Peanut-Broccoli Stir Fry. "The Tomato-Spinach Penne is my personal favorite" said Leishear "in fact, we just recently made this dish for a Holiday dinner party." The recipes are available at Southern Living magazine's website to print and review.

Southern Living's January 2008 issue is currently on newsstands in area supermarkets & bookstores.

Southern Living is a national, monthly publication from the Southern Progress Corporation, a subsidiary of Time, Inc.

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Holiday Offerings Released By Bella's Cookies

Milton, DE - Bakers of Bella's Cookies are announcing a new line of Holiday offerings available now through December 31st at both their online store and through select natural food store retailers. Several new types of cookies, candies and desserts are making the list this year, with a special focus on varieties to suit those with certain food allergies or intolerances.

"Holidays treats, especially those baked during December, always hold a special appeal to just about everyone" says Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing for Bella's Cookies) "as Bella's has become a staple for those looking for cleaner ingredients in their baked goods, our growth has also increased by those with food intolerances or allergies." Gluten-Free, Egg-Free, Vegan, and Nut-Free are some of the leading food allergies found among people of all ages and Bella's is making a large selection of this year's holiday offerings available to cater to those needs. Gluten-Free and Vegan pies such as pumpkin & sweet potato are available this year as well as a selection of cakes from their dessert collection. Candy from their Verdi Good line is naturally gluten-free, with some of the most popular selections being English Toffee (Dinosaur Crunch), Fudge (Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Coconut Crème), and Chocolate Peanut Brittle. In addition to these offerings, customers can find new sweet breads, muffins, tortes, and cookies.

Cookies are the mainstay product for Bella's and varieties include their Signature Collection (natural & organic), Vegan, Gluten-Free, Agave Sweetened (suitable for Diabetics), and a new line of Gluten-Free/Casein Free cookies. Holiday cookies return in the form of their Silver Lake shortbread (a chocolate caramel creation), Jam shortbread (made with locally produced jam), Snowballs (Russian tea cakes), and many others. "The Holiday Tin is one of our most popular items during the season" says Leishear "it's filled with an assortment of cookies, candy and other treats". Customers across the country seek out Bella's during the Holiday season specifically for this item and ship tins to places as far away as the Middle East, Europe and Canada.

Bella's has also partnered with Good News Natural Foods in Dover and Milford to make ordering and picking up these selections easier for those living north of the Delaware Beaches. "We will have order forms, from which customers can choose a variety of selections, and then have them delivered fresh to our store" said Sharon Fields (co-owner of Good News Natural Foods). Holiday offerings vary in price by the type of product ordered; most items range from $4 - $40. Bella's online store is open 24 hours a day, and the bakery 6 days a week during the month of December.

Questions about products or ordering can be answered by calling 302-684-8152 or through the website at www.bellascookies.com.

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Cookies & Fudge Celebrate National Peanut Month

Cookies and Fudge celebrate National Peanut Month

Milton, DE - March 10 2008 - In celebration of National Peanut Month (March), Bella's Cookies & Verdi Good (natural/organic cookie and candy companies) are releasing two, new peanut themed creations; "Peanut Butter Power" & "Python Peanut Butter Fudge." March is coincidentally National Nutrition month, with the peanut known for its many health benefits.

"Peanut Butter Power" is new cookie creation promoting the powerful health benefits of peanut butter, with Bella Leishear resembling Super Girl on the cookie's tag. "Creating a great peanut butter cookie recipe takes as much effort as creating a great chocolate chunk," said Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing) "there are many different types and tastes of peanut butter cookies; you have to experiment with each." Throughout last summer, test recipes of peanut butter cookies would be brought to various farmer's markets and data collected on each cookie variety. In the end, the winner was a crunchy peanut butter cookie with a sugary top, named "Peanut Butter Power" and is available in Bella's traditional double pack (2 - 3.25 oz cookies) for $3.99 and Baby Bella's (dozen .5 oz bite-size cookies) for $5.99.

Liam Leishear's candy company, Verdi Good, gives exotic animal names to each of their available products. Crocodile Chews, Great White Fudge, and Dinosaur Crunch are a current few. On the Bella's website, visitors can follow links to educational sites such as the National Geographic Society and learn in-depth facts about each of these animals. "Python Peanut Butter Fudge" is their newest named creation, and features a Burmese Python (among the largest snakes on earth, with adults capable of reaching 23 ft). Thick with organic peanut butter, this python fudge retails for $10.99 a pound.

Peanuts and peanut butter are smart options for consumers because they contribute more than 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients (like protein, vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese) and have zero cholesterol and no transfats. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) an ounce of peanuts provides more than 10% of the Daily Reference Value (DV) for protein and Niacin, while peanut butter is an excellent source of Niacin, containing 20% DV. Peanuts are also included on a list of recommended nuts that are lower in saturated fat & cholesterol, which may lower your chance of heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, the best way to accomplish this is to eat less saturated fat, trans fats and cholesterol, control your weight, and participate in physical activity for at least 30 minutes each day.

More information about Verdi Good or Bella's Cookies can be found by calling 302-684-8152 or visiting www.BellasCookies.com.


Bella's Cookies Expands Green Halloween - 3 Cape Elementary Schools Participating

Milton DE. - October 13, 2008 - Bella's Cookies is bringing Green Halloween back to Milton Elementary School this year, and expanding the program to HO Brittingham Elementary School in Milton and Richard A Shields Elementary School in Lewes. Monday, November 3rd, students will exchange their traditional Halloween candy for a greener and cleaner bag of treats. Bella's continues to organize this annual event in Delaware in effort to raise awareness of the health & nutritional dangers lurking in traditional treats and candy that are given to children during the Halloween celebration.

"Green Halloween" puts an eco-friendly spin on the traditional celebration of Halloween through a variety of easy to follow green practices. The celebration advocates recycling, earth friendly practices, gardening, green costume ideas, fun contests/scavenger hunts, and of course new ideas for candy & treats. "The fundamentals of the celebration encourage you to think creatively and earth-friendly, said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella's Cookies) "children get just as excited about treasures and trinkets as they do candy or treats." For those either giving or receiving Halloween treats, look for ones without toxic and/or harmful ingredients; this is a key concept of Green Halloween - to raise the awareness on the dangers lurking in mainstream, commercially made treats and candy. For years, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors/flavors, and preservatives have been given without hesitation to children dressed in costume, however with medical conditions such as juvenile diabetes and childhood obesity on the rise, and more children being diagnosed with allergic reactions to certain ingredients, alternatives to the norm are being more sought after by conscientious consumers.

Green Halloween is held the first school day after Halloween (this year Monday, November 3rd), and students will hold candy weigh-ins then exchange their conventional treats and candy for a "Green Halloween" bag. Each bag is assembled in a recyclable paper bag and filled with contributions from some businesses such as East Coast Garden Center, Delaware Solid Waste Authority, TS Smith & Son, Good 4 U Natural Market, Rita's Ice, The Dental Group, Tidewater Utilities, and Bella's Cookies. "The bags offer children something different, little things that children can use, enjoy and treats made without unhealthy ingredients," said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella's Cookies). Last year, Milton Elementary School piloted the Green Halloween program with 89 students participating and turning in 215 lbs of candy. The rules of the exchange are simple: students must turn in approximately 2 pounds of candy in order to receive a bag. A letter will go home in student's folders the week of October 13th, explaining the importance of the event and asking for their child's participation.

Bella's has also posted a special section on their website for Green Halloween. This section includes information on the dangers of ingredients such as food dyes, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup, green ideas for Halloween from GreenHalloween.org, and a listing of events that Bella's Cookies will be in attendance this October where consumers can interact and learn more about the program & how they can participate. "Expanding this program is important to us," said Kelly Leishear "a child's body undergoes rapid growth development, and what they're putting into their bodies now, is extremely important."

As the 2008 participation for businesses is passed, businesses wishing to participate or learn more about next year's Green Halloween celebration may contact Bella's Cookies at the information below.

Bella's Cookies is an organic and vegan bakery specializing in natural & organic, vegan, and gluten free cookies. More information about Bella's Cookies or Green Halloween can be found online at www.BellasCookies.com or by calling 302-684-8152.

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Verdi Good Launches From Bella's Cookies

Milton, DE - February 6, 2008 - An all-natural & organic candy company makes its debut this week. Verdi Good is the newest project from the owners of Bella's Cookies, and similar to their daughter Bella as the name and face behind their cookie company, their 4-year-old son Liam, is the face of Verdi Good.

"It's the question we answer most," said Kelly Leishear (President of Verdi Good). She's referring to the question as to what company would be formed & launched for Liam (Kelly & Mark Leishear's 4 year old son). This week, the Leishear's announce that company, is Verdi Good. "Liam's only requirement was the company involve dinosaurs, sharks, crocodiles & snakes." Verdi Good, comes from a variety of concepts -- from it's translation of green and a reference to the practices in their bakery, to a similarity in a children's book by author Janell Cannon; Verdi is a green tree python and also the "V" in the company's logo.

Like it's sister company's policy in baked creations, Verdi separates itself from other candy & confection manufacturers though their strict use of natural & organic ingredients (specifically organic evaporated cane juice & organic brown rice syrup.) "We're making natural & organic alternatives to commercial candy and confections." These cookie and now candy-makers, are creating sweet-treats made without any genetically modified organisms (GMO's), trans fats, artificial colors or flavors, refined sugar or corn syrup. Crafting gourmet chocolates is a focus of the company, with both a traditional and an upcoming line of exotic truffles. Verdi will change product offerings during the various seasons, with chocolates offered more in the fall & winter and a different line of products in the spring & summer.

Currently, products are offered exclusively online through the Bella's Cookies website & include dark chocolate rum truffles made with Dogfish Head brown honey rum, homemade caramels, 3 varieties of fudge (chocolate, peanut butter, & coconut crème), organic chocolate peanut brittle & old fashioned English toffee. Items are sold individually and priced by the pound, ranging from $3.75 to $16.

More information about Verdi Good or Bella's Cookies can be found by visiting www.BellasCookies.com.

Bella's Cookies & Verdi Good Holiday Lineup

Milton, DE - September 14, 2008 - Bella's Cookies and confectionary company Verdi Good have released their selections for this year's annual holiday cookie and candy lineup. Confectionary aficionados mark their calendars each year beginning November 1st - December 31st, as specialty holiday creations fill the pages of their website. Made each year since the organic & vegan bakery's first year in business, their popularity has been steadily increasing, and not just locally.

Over the past several years, online shopping has increased dramatically; convenience and web site security have made online ordering extremely easy and e-commerce is now a focal business for many companies who merchandise their products online. Gift baskets and cookie lovers cross country keep BellasCookies.com steady with online orders throughout the year, however during the months of November and December those orders increase significantly each year. Their special holiday selections are attributed to this spike. "We make old homemade favorites during the holidays and we make them only once each year," said Leishear "people reminisce about childhood, parties, old housewarming gifts, cold nights, lights and delicious desserts during these times of year."

Typing "organic cookies or organic holiday cookies" into any Internet search engine quickly brings shoppers from across the country to Bella's website, where bakery rules are stringent, but simple: no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no refined sugars, no high fructose or any corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, and lastly no preservatives. "As people are watching more of what's in what they eat, they want to find indulgences of the same quality; the internet allows them to find exactly what they're looking for, buy and send it to whomever they want, all without leaving the comfort of wherever they are... it's a shopping nirvana." While most of the holiday selections on their website can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States, certain items remain for local delivery only. Cinnamon Buns (varieties include different flavors from cherry cinnamon buns to sweet potato), organic pies, cheesecakes, and traditional cakes are among those items. "We decided to make these specialty items available this year as they're now made with regularity." People suffering from certain food allergies often contact Bella's directly to create items for themselves and special occasions.

A more complete listing of their holiday lineup can be viewed at their website, and includes: snowballs (Russian tea cakes), caramel shortbread, organic jam shortbread, homemade fudges, caramels, English toffee, and Delaware Rum cakes (made with locally distilled Dogfish Head Brown Honey Rum).

"As more people are looking to eliminate the costs associated with unnecessary travel, I expect 2008 will be a record year for online holiday shopping."

More information about Bella's Cookies & Verdi Good, including ordering and a current list of retailers can be found by visiting www.BellasCookies.com or calling 302-684-8152.

Bella's Cookies unveils "All-American" Cookie

Milton, DE - July 8 2008 - In celebration of Independence Day, Bella's Cookies of Milton formally released its newest creation All-American, Oatmeal Raisin. A traditional cookie favorite dating back to colonial times, the Oatmeal Raisin cookie has roots deep in American History. Under decorations of American Flags, banners and an "Uncle Sam" top-hat worn by Mark Leishear, Bella's newest creation took center stage at Saturday's Historic Lewes Farmer's Market.

The history of the cookie and specifically the Oatmeal Raisin cookie can be traced back long ago. Since it's arrival on America's shores by English, Scotch and Dutch settlers, the cookie (then known by it's Danish name of "koekje" or translated "little cake") quickly gained in popularity among newfound American families and their recipe books. American cookies, like Americans themselves at the time, quickly became a mixture of tastes and styles among it's many different inhabitants. Spice cookies, shortbread, butter cookies, oatmeal raisin, molasses and ginger drop cookies were familiar and were often called "jumbles" or "plunkets". Cookies were made over-sized as sustainable treats for working farm hands. As the many tastes and styles of cookies have passed on and continue to grow through American culture, the Oatmeal Raisin cookie has become a staple of American cookies. Commonly labeled as a health cookie for its using cholesterol lowering oatmeal, and the antioxidant properties of it's raisins, the Oatmeal Raisin cookie is most often associated with family memories & grandmother's recipe.

Bella's oatmeal raisin pays tribute to memories of cookies past by using two types of organic oats, seedless raisins, and spices. Each cookie is "farm-hand" sized at 3.25 oz., and cookies are sold in double pack form (2 cookies) for $3.99. Bella Leishear can be seen dressed as the often called "Mother of America" Betsy Ross, on the tag of the All-American cookie. appropriate for it's release over Independence Day weekend.

More information about Bella's Cookies can be found by calling 302-684-8152 or visiting www.BellasCookies.com.

Bella's Cookies Expands Food Allergy/Dietary Selection

Bella's Cookies expands food allergy/dietary selection

Milton, DE - May 20 2008 - As the number of diagnosed food allergies continue to rise, food allergy sufferers are paying careful attention to the ingredients used in the foods they eat. This week, Bella's Cookies of Milton has announced an expansion in their offerings of allergy-free and dietary restriction products, to meet the growing requests from those diagnosed with food allergies and those looking to limit certain ingredients.

Food allergies mainly result from reactions to wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish and shellfish; avoiding these allergies is often difficult, as the only solution is adhering to a strict food diet, free of any allergic triggers. A listing of ingredients clearly states what any product is made from, including sub-ingredients. As a natural and organic baking company, Bella's Cookies has become a maven for treat-loving consumers with certain dietary restrictions. Recently, Bella's has been filling more special request orders for those suffering from a particular food allergy. "If there is an allergy to a specific ingredient, we can easily create something delicious without using that trigger," said Kelly Leishear (President of Bella's Cookies). Birthday cakes with no egg, gluten-free birthday cakes, gluten-free breads & sweet breads, and dairy free products are some of the most common requests. "Parents who have children with food allergies have come to know us as a place to call when they're looking for something special, without compromising taste," said Kelly "and kids are the toughest critics." One of Bella's newest creations is a gluten-free chocolate crème filled sandwich cookie, that is currently only available online. "We've wanted to create our version of this popular cookie for some time, but the question was how to make it different," said Leishear "requests for more of Bella's gluten-free products have been increasing; we experimented with this, and perfected it so that everyone can enjoy, whether they're gluten-free or not." Other products catering to those with dietary restrictions are an increased vegan selection (no eggs or dairy), more egg free offerings, a recently completed diabetic friendly line using organic agave nectar, and experimentation into niche lines such as macrobiotics. Bella's will formally release their new organic agave oatmeal raisin cookie this summer, which contains 4 grams of sugar per cookie.

In addition to expanding their product offerings, visitors to the Bella's Cookies website will find a new "food allergy" category on their homepage. For those that have been recently diagnosed or those who want to learn more, information can be found about specific food allergies, triggers, hidden ingredients, substitutions in recipes and links to additional websites. "We've always abided by a rule to create specific products only on specific days," said Leishear "this eliminates any cross contamination of ingredients and enables us to confidently make available products that truly meet any customer's needs; all finished in an regulated bakery."

More information about Bella's Cookies and Verdi Good, including ordering and a list of retailers can be found by visiting www.BellasCookies.com or by calling 302-684-8152.



Bella's Cookies Offering Holiday Delights

Milton, DE – December 9, 2007 – Bella’s Cookies released this week their annual Holiday lineup, which will be available December 10th – December 24th 2007. The organic and vegan bakery turns out “clean” versions of traditional holiday cookies and baked goods each year, as consumer concerns mount over questionable ingredients found in traditional baked goods. Bella Leishear’s younger brother Liam joins in the offerings from the family business this year, with an introduction to his upcoming candy & confectionary company.

“People have these wonderful memories of cookies during the Holidays,” said Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing for Bella’s) “as a child, my mother would literally make cookies for days… all different types, and they’d be used for parties, gifts, and obviously dessert.” Bella’s Cookies is named after Kelly & Mark Leishear’s 6 year old daughter Bella, with both Bella and her 4 year old brother Liam serving as chief taste testers for all products. Touting a list of 6 “No’s” in all of their products, (no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no refined sugars, no high fructose or any corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives) baking can sometimes be a challenge, but they’ve successfully built their family business into a small cookie phenomenon.

Flexibility gives Bella’s the ability to turn out their holiday creations. Whereas most bakeries turn out their same products on a consistent weekly basis, Bella’s will bake randomly during the holidays in order to incorporate their specialty cookies into rotation. “During the holidays, Kelly will closely monitor our traditional lines as to where demand is, and bake around those with holiday cookies.” Returning to their holiday cookies this year are snowballs (Russian tea cakes), “Choco-Mint” (double chocolate peppermint), and “Silver Lake Shortbread” (a chocolate caramel shortbread named after Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach). New offerings this year include an organic blackberry shortbread, several gift options and the introduction to all-natural and organic confections from Bella’s younger brother, Liam. Liam’s first creation is an all natural and organic English Toffee called “Dinosaur Crunch.” Organic cinnamon buns will be available for delivery on Christmas Eve. Bella’s holiday creations range in price from $4-$40.

Bella's Cookies is Delaware's All Natural & Organic Cookie Company specializing in the aforementioned as well as Vegan, Gluten-Free & Holiday Cookies. More information about Bella’s Cookies can be found online at www.BellasCookies.com or by calling 302-684-8152.