... and it was for that reason, Power Girl returned to Planet Earth. She'd been away for 10 years... 10 years - regaining her strength, her power. Knowing that she couldn't return out of nowhere as the flying super heroine of past, she needed a disguise. And she decided to blend in to society... live among the people, with a family. She'd change her name and become a super-powered 7-year old girl living in Delaware... with a Dad, a Mom and a younger brother named Sid.

Only one week back on Earth was all that was needed to notice the change among everyone: the children, adults, every age, group, size and shape. Everyone moved so much "s-l-o-w-e-r" than she remembered... in everything. As if everyone had no energy. They were slow in the morning, slow in the afternoon & slow at night... and these ever so slow days would repeat themselves... over and over and over. And no one seemed to know why, or have an answer as to why they were so s-l-o-w. There was no energy... and life, was very boring.

People would work; they'd do their jobs, and then go home. Children would go to school, and then go home. At home they'd lay around their house watching television, sometimes playing video games, then sleeping, eating, napping, more everything that was... lazy. Even the animals... the dogs, cats, all the pets. Everyone simply lay around all day, doing nothing.

Something had happened in the years after she left, the years after she lost her power. What it was, she didn't know... but Power Girl was back, and if she was to change the planet again, she would need to first start with the people. They needed her help. Racing to her school's cafeteria, she POW! Transformed into Power Girl and took flight into the afternoon sky.

Thinking what could quickly snap a little energy into everyone, Power Girl decided that she'd introduce some power-packed Peanut Butter into everyone's diet. Peanut Butter, rich in protein, vitamins & minerals, antioxidants and full of good fat... a little peanut butter into everyone's diet would provide the energetic jolt they were missing! And since cookies were Power Girls favorite snack, she zapped some Peanut Butter Cookies into lunchrooms, Peanut Butter Cookies in kitchens, Peanut Butter Cookies in the stores; they were everywhere... and everyone (seeing something new) quickly devoured them. Instantaneously, everyone "snapped" out of their rut... smiles returned to faces; people decided to have FUN again! They played Frisbee, they rode bikes, they jumped, swam, ran, laughed and smiled... and when the day was done, they all went to sleep... tired, but ready to get up and start again.

And Power Girl flew up to the city skyline, flexed her muscles... yelled "Peanut Butter Power", and smiled!

"Peanut Butter Power" c 2008 Bella's Cookies, Inc.