The chips were down for Chunk that fateful evening at the Fresh-Baked Aquatic Pavilion as he paced and panted before his final deep-milk dive, beads of stray chocolate muddying his vision. At this point, the gold medal was a crumb or two from impossible... his fellow competitors had outdistanced him in their preliminary attempts. Unlike them, Chunk wasn't tainted with preservatives, synthetic ingredients, or other foreign substances that masked their lack of wholesomeness.

"Chunky," as his adoring fans knew him, was pure through and through, a revered champion and world-beater who came to fame through ol' fashioned hard work, a paragon of persistence and conditioning. The adopted son of a lower-class baklava and his snickerdoodle wife, Chunky was raised in Milton, DE. His stepparents struggled to put flour on the table in their one-room brown paper bag. As a young doughball from the other side of the pantry, Chunky never had much - no additives or artificial sweeteners like the other cookies in town, but he refused to crumble.

He graduated valedictorian from high school, earned a masters degree in the sweet science of organic nutrition at Confection College, and while there took a liking to deep-milk diving at the local YMCA. He struggled at first because of a previously undiagnosed allergy to lactose, but, again, refused to crumble. He dove and dove and dove again until he felt at home in milk... and suddenly baked into a three-time world champion with a greater capacity for milk than any dairy cow.

Some say it was his humble upbringing that brought him to milk diving's pinnacle, while others attribute it to a certain god-given dunkability. Whatever the case, Chunk was in a bind on this night, and he would have to summon every crumb of homemade goodness in his choc-tas-tically chunky frame to take the gold. And you know, that's just what he did. In fact, he dove so far with that last Herculean effort that he grazed the bottom of the glass. Yes... Chunky a no-luck journeyman from a one-room brown paper bag of destitution, stirred up a stunning victory that night. But more importantly, he taught his cheating cookie-jar counterparts a valuable lesson: taste and nutrition can coexist, but only when they're baked with love... for that's what Champions are made of.

And that is the very essence of Champion Chunk.

• Note: In Milton, Chunk is somewhat of a local hero... in fact, his 2004 medal in Athens is proudly on display at Town Hall. Seen on the tag is Bella holding that medal. As you enjoy this bag of cookies, you now know the story behind the tag. 

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