For those compelled to share their thoughts... this is where they appear. Compliments mostly come by word-of-mouth... but if you're not around to hear it, who cares? We do! On this page you'll read a few of those compliments (visual word-of-mouth marketing)... and if you feel compelled to share your experience... click the email address,

"Best cookie Iv'e ever had ... (Choco-Bomb)" Jeff Burns

"The thought of a good for you cookie....That's Bellas! I would count myself as a cookie connoisseur, and these cookies are GREAT! Bella's cookies are the best. Once you try one you will not go back to those store brought mass market brands." Matthew McKay, Metro Oreck (Oreck of Delaware, Maryland & Virginia).

"A truly healthy cookie that's unbelieveably delicious! Now I can satisfy my sweet tooth and my conscience all at the same time thanks to Bella's Cookies! The Hunky Punky is my personal favorite, with the Choco-Bomb close behind. And I'm always looking forward to the next exciting new concoction from the amazing Bella's Cookies!" Debbie Davis, Rock Hall, MD.

"Breakfast with no mess and no guilt. As a reporter always on the go Bella's Vegan Breakfast cookie is the perfect start to my day. It's remarkably filling yet light. I'm still trying to figure out how something so tasty is so good for you." Talitha Vickers, Charlotte, NC.

"Bruce Jr. and team can't believe the taste of the Bella's Cookies. They aren't just great, they're delicious. Believe us when we say the cookies are preferred by those who have sampled. It shouldn't take too long for Bella's Cookies to be a household name." Team 17 Sprints, Hibbs Motorsports

"I've never had a better chocolate cookie. If you're a chocolate fan, Bella's "Choco-Bomb" literally explodes your taste buds into pure delight. This is one cookie you don't want to share." Talitha Vickers, Charlotte, NC.

"What a great service you have provided to the cookie loving public. I love both your children and your cookies! Happy cookie-ing (is that a word?)!" Mrs. Moshier, Lewes, DE.

"Bella - WOW! GREAT COOKIE!! OOH IT'S SO GOOD!" Mr. Food (Art Ginzburg)

"My favorite is the shortbread cookie! Have you ever had a buttery cookie with gooey caramel and rich smooth chocolate topping? Sound like Twix? Tastes Better! So wouldn't believe it was made with healthy ingredients unless you read the label! I can spot "health-food taste" a mile away...this shortbread cookie is at least 10 miles from "the healthy taste zone" because it was the first of it's kind to trick my taste buds!" Kelly McAllister, Kamera Keepsakes, Ocean View, DE.

"You know that Willy Wonka phrase "scrumdidliumptious"? It captures the essence of the ChocoBomb perfectly. This cookie is the great grandpappy of all confections, an Atomic-bomb of mind-numbingly rich chocolate that'll satisfy any sweet tooth. For me, the soft but substantial texture is what puts the ChocoBomb on a higher plane of cookiedom. Yum. Hands down the Holy Grail of goodies." Kenny Riedel, University of Delaware

"I received a surprise in the mail today and what a delicious surprise it was!! Your cookies are the BEST I've ever tasted! And the best part of all.....I can go to bed with a clear conscience, knowing that I ate a healthy cookie!! :-)" Joy, Massachusetts

"I bought $12 worth of Bella's at the Lewes Farmer's Market only this morning, and the bag is almost gone. Truly indescribable." Shelly Souder, Milton, DE.