You might find our special page on Food Allergies an interesting read if you know of someone who has a specific allergy. There you'll find more "in-depth" information on a variety of allergies from wheat, eggs, etc. (sorry no Shellfish information is listed - the crab cake cookie (though probably appropriate for the Eastern Shore) is not something we're working on).  If you have any questions about any ingredient... never hesitate to contact us by phone or email.  While all our cookies do not contain the same ingredients, they are manufactured in the same facility. In our bakery, we process tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat, milk, and eggs.  While we do our best to clean and sterilize our bakery before and after each use, we are not an allergy-free facility.  We mix and bake allergy-free products on separate days.  The safety and cleanliness of our bakery is regulated by the Delaware Division of Public Health & in compliance with FDA guidelines.