Milton, DE - September 14, 2008 - Bella's Cookies and confectionary company Verdi Good have released their selections for this year's annual holiday cookie and candy lineup. Confectionary aficionados mark their calendars each year beginning November 1st - December 31st, as specialty holiday creations fill the pages of their website. Made each year since the organic & vegan bakery's first year in business, their popularity has been steadily increasing, and not just locally.

Over the past several years, online shopping has increased dramatically; convenience and web site security have made online ordering extremely easy and e-commerce is now a focal business for many companies who merchandise their products online. Gift baskets and cookie lovers cross country keep steady with online orders throughout the year, however during the months of November and December those orders increase significantly each year. Their special holiday selections are attributed to this spike. "We make old homemade favorites during the holidays and we make them only once each year," said Leishear "people reminisce about childhood, parties, old housewarming gifts, cold nights, lights and delicious desserts during these times of year."

Typing "organic cookies or organic holiday cookies" into any Internet search engine quickly brings shoppers from across the country to Bella's website, where bakery rules are stringent, but simple: no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no refined sugars, no high fructose or any corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, and lastly no preservatives. "As people are watching more of what's in what they eat, they want to find indulgences of the same quality; the internet allows them to find exactly what they're looking for, buy and send it to whomever they want, all without leaving the comfort of wherever they are... it's a shopping nirvana." While most of the holiday selections on their website can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States, certain items remain for local delivery only. Cinnamon Buns (varieties include different flavors from cherry cinnamon buns to sweet potato), organic pies, cheesecakes, and traditional cakes are among those items. "We decided to make these specialty items available this year as they're now made with regularity." People suffering from certain food allergies often contact Bella's directly to create items for themselves and special occasions.

A more complete listing of their holiday lineup can be viewed at their website, and includes: snowballs (Russian tea cakes), caramel shortbread, organic jam shortbread, homemade fudges, caramels, English toffee, and Delaware Rum cakes (made with locally distilled Dogfish Head Brown Honey Rum).

"As more people are looking to eliminate the costs associated with unnecessary travel, I expect 2008 will be a record year for online holiday shopping."

More information about Bella's Cookies & Verdi Good, including ordering and a current list of retailers can be found by visiting or calling 302-684-8152.