Milton, DE – December 9, 2007 – Bella’s Cookies released this week their annual Holiday lineup, which will be available December 10th – December 24th 2007. The organic and vegan bakery turns out “clean” versions of traditional holiday cookies and baked goods each year, as consumer concerns mount over questionable ingredients found in traditional baked goods. Bella Leishear’s younger brother Liam joins in the offerings from the family business this year, with an introduction to his upcoming candy & confectionary company.

“People have these wonderful memories of cookies during the Holidays,” said Mark Leishear (Director of Sales & Marketing for Bella’s) “as a child, my mother would literally make cookies for days… all different types, and they’d be used for parties, gifts, and obviously dessert.” Bella’s Cookies is named after Kelly & Mark Leishear’s 6 year old daughter Bella, with both Bella and her 4 year old brother Liam serving as chief taste testers for all products. Touting a list of 6 “No’s” in all of their products, (no trans fats, no hydrogenated oils, no refined sugars, no high fructose or any corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives) baking can sometimes be a challenge, but they’ve successfully built their family business into a small cookie phenomenon.

Flexibility gives Bella’s the ability to turn out their holiday creations. Whereas most bakeries turn out their same products on a consistent weekly basis, Bella’s will bake randomly during the holidays in order to incorporate their specialty cookies into rotation. “During the holidays, Kelly will closely monitor our traditional lines as to where demand is, and bake around those with holiday cookies.” Returning to their holiday cookies this year are snowballs (Russian tea cakes), “Choco-Mint” (double chocolate peppermint), and “Silver Lake Shortbread” (a chocolate caramel shortbread named after Silver Lake in Rehoboth Beach). New offerings this year include an organic blackberry shortbread, several gift options and the introduction to all-natural and organic confections from Bella’s younger brother, Liam. Liam’s first creation is an all natural and organic English Toffee called “Dinosaur Crunch.” Organic cinnamon buns will be available for delivery on Christmas Eve. Bella’s holiday creations range in price from $4-$40.

Bella's Cookies is Delaware's All Natural & Organic Cookie Company specializing in the aforementioned as well as Vegan, Gluten-Free & Holiday Cookies. More information about Bella’s Cookies can be found online at or by calling 302-684-8152.