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Verdi Good is the name of Liam's (Bella's Brother) new candy line. The logo and new tags for this company are being worked on now... and like Bella's tags, each one will feature Liam & carry a story for each item.

All Natural & Organic Candy... WOW! Made with the same ingredients (and sometimes better) that we use to make cookies... organic sugar, organic brown rice syrup, exceptional chocolate. Things like caramels, truffles, toffee, fudge, peanut brittle... some of these candies and confections have been posted online now for you to enjoy. Follow the link on this page to be taken to those items.

Verdi is also the title of a children's book by Janell Cannon (Stellaluna)... a fantastic read about a green tree python who doesn't want to grow up to be green & loose his character.

Like most boys his age (really of any age) Liam loves snakes, sharks, dragons, dinosaurs, crocodiles, alligators... if it's got teeth & is dangerous he likes it even more. Verdi also means "Green," a practice of our bakery. So... Verdi/Green/Snakes all shared a common theme, and Verdi also sounds like "very." After a lot of tasting and sampling of these new products, it was agreed upon that these creations were: very good. And they were Verdi Good. Aha.. Verdi Good. As in "Hey... that's Verdi Good." (You can say that last line with any accent... try it.) And that's the story of that name.




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