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Treat yourself right! The trademarked slogan, and the company mantra of Bella's Cookies. We've always thought that if you're going to "treat yourself..." to something/with something/eating something... come on, "treat yourself right!" What's your other option? "Treat yourself wrong!" You're tastes are better than that... you deserve something that stands up to a listing of "clean" delicious ingredients. Most importantly though, you want something that exceeds your taste expectations. Throughout these next many pages, you'll learn more about what goes into our All Natural & Organic Cookies, our Vegan Cookies, our Gluten-Free Cookies, our Agave Nectar Cookies and our Holiday Cookies. If at any point in time through reading these pages, you find yourself getting tempted... you can't read any more, you've absolutely must search through our delicious lineup of cookies and other specialty baked items... click the "Cookies" tab on the left hand side of this or any page. To show you where you'll land... try it once by clicking here.

What makes Bella's Cookies unique? Depends... there's a long list of things you might find appealing: from being a family run business (everyone in our family has a specific part in the business), the tags that decorate our packs of cookies, logos/artwork, the stories written for our Signature cookies, the descriptions of products, where our bakery is, how it was built, etc. What makes the taste of these gourmet creations unique, is... Bella's Cookies are crafted in small batches, using only all natural and organic ingredients. With this combination of terminology, we mean: there are certain ingredients we feel strongly about being organic (our flours/sweeteners/oils/etc.) and the other ingredients we're comfortable using all natural (our chocolate/sea salt/baking powder/etc). It's a nice relationship between the two (we call them "clean" cookies). The finished product, like nothing you've ever tasted.

We proudly carry a list of 6 "No's" that are displayed on signs wherever you might find a pack or several. Many of these "No's" are costly and challenging to eliminate from foods... especially baked goods. Trans Fats are commonly found in margarine and non-organic shortening, hydrogenated oils... margarines (it's also important to note that some hydrogenated oils don't show trans fats (0 g Trans Fat can be labeled as 0 g by manufacturers at .5 g), therefore it's important to look at all nutrition labels for the phrase... hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated (you won't find either on any product from Bella's). Artificial Colors and preservatives are made from petroleum by-products, Refined Sugars are stripped of the beneficial nutrients from sugar cane and High Fructose Corn Syrup is often called the great "body robber"... for its ability to rob the nutrients of anything beneficial you may consume.

"No's" that Bella's Cookies contain:
No Trans Fats
No Hydrogenated Oils
No Artificial Colors or Flavors
No Preservatives
No Refined Sugars
No High Fructose or ANY Corn Syrup

Allergen Statement: You might find our special page on Food Allergies an interesting read if you know of someone who has a specific allergy. There you'll find more "in-depth" information on a variety of allergies from wheat, eggs, etc. (sorry no Shellfish information is listed - the crab cake cookie (though probably appropriate for the Eastern Shore) is not something we're working on).  If you have food allergies... read this carefully.  Read the ingredient label on the back of our products before you eat.  All labels are found at the bottom of each product page on this site and on the back of each package of our cookies (if you purchase in any retail store). If you have any questions about any ingredient... never hesitate to contact us by phone or email.  While all our cookies do not contain the same ingredients, they are manufactured in the same facility. In our bakery, we process tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat, milk, and eggs.  While we do our best to clean and sterilize our bakery before and after each use, we are not an allergy-free facility.  We mix and bake allergy-free products on separate days.  The safety and cleanliness of our bakery is regulated by the Delaware Division of Public Health & in compliance with FDA guidelines.

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