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Shipping Policy

Something to think about
You've read the irresistable descriptions of the cookies, been teased by the snippets of the stories, placed exactly what you want in your shopping cart & now your're ready to check out.
Wait... hold on... read this first.

Let's back up a second and talk about preservatives. Bella's Cookies contain no preservatives. What that means is, on the list of ingredients you won't find something like "Dianxathin Mondohydroprosamine Trichlorate (to preserve freshness)." Sure, we use ingredients to extend the shelf life of your cookies, but they're either all natural or organic ingredients and they're carefully balanced into our recipies. Since there are no preservatives in your cookies, we freeze them before they're shipped to you. When they arrive at your doorstep, you're going to want to rip open a pack and devour them, which is fine ... but if you can wait, pop them back in freezer. Later, the craving will strike and you won't be able to contain yourself ... take them out, and either let thaw at room temperature or pop in the refridgerator and enjoy chillled ... whatever you choose. As a rule of thumb though, never eat a frozen cookie, to repeat ... never eat a frozen cookie (hey, teeth have feelings too). By keeping your cookies cold, you can further extend their shelf life ... you can keep your cookies in the freezer for up to 6 months, in the refrigerator for a month (though they're best kept in the freezer), or in your cupboard for about a week.

This is all very important to the choice you make when deciding exactly how to have your package shipped. If you live near or around Delaware, and the months are cold, standard shipping will be fine. If you live past the Mississippi River, we recommend 2 day air. Chocolate is shipped regular from October 10th - April 20th. In the summer months, chocolate must be shipped overnight.

We ship Monday - Thursday only. Orders placed after 12 noon on Thursday will be shipped on the following Monday. Reason for this is simply that we don't want your cookies sitting in a warehouse over the weekend.

Privacy Policy

Every site has to have one of these, so here's ours ... "We respect your privacy." Nowadays you can submit your email address for a lot of different things and soon thereafter you start to see emails in your inbox from people or places you never signed up for ... ahhhh. For us, it's just common courtesy that your email address is only used to inform you of things happening at Bella's Cookies ... might be a release of a new cookie, might be a newsletter, or some specials, so when you sign up on any of our pages, you can rest assured that your email address is safe and will not be supplied to any third parties.

We also use a standard order form that collects financial information when placing orders. What that means is ... you place what you want in a shopping cart, checkout, enter your credit card information, it's processed through a secured server, we get sent an email that says you placed an order, we fill your order, ship it to you, then send you an email with the tracking number so you can find your order if you haven't received it. If a problem were to arise, the phone number you provide at checkout will enable us to contact you and resolve any issue. The financial information that is collected is only used for the products you purchase from Bella's Cookies.

Contact us for any other questions about our site and its contents ... if you'd like your name removed from any mailings, click here.


We want you to absolutely love every bite of Bella's Cookies ... however, there might be some instance where you may not. Call us within 72 hours after you receive your order and let us know of the situation. You will need to ship us back the remainder of your order and we will either refund your money in full or send you another shipment of cookies, whichever you prefer.


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