Key West at Sunset... Like a big organic cookie in the sky! 

You've got an interest in carrying something sweet in your business... you're thinking of a way you can offer your customers something tasty, when and if they're ever hungry at your place... how about a gourmet treat? How about a gourmet cookie? Everyone loves cookies... What about a gourmet cookie made with natural and organic ingredients... and it would be extra easy if your could order gourmet cookies made with specialty ingredients for people with certain food allergies or dietary standards they follow.

Bella's Cookies is a unique twist of the traditional cookie company ... unique in flavor combinations, the types of cookies created, our packaging, the creative stories, our philosophy, and so on. By offering our varieties of all-natural & organic/vegan/gluten-free or agave nectar cookies... you're making a statement to your customers that says: "I care about what you snack on." Its a fact that children love treats... everyone loves treats, and offering a treat that contains No Trans Fats, No Hydrogenated Anything's, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Preservatives, No Refined Sugar & No High Fructose or any type of Corn Syrup, is extremely appealing to today's health conscious customers.

And Bella's Cookies Wholesale doesn't strictly apply to retail sales. If you're a business owner and you're spending money each year on paid advertising, or you're in a service business where you or your sales representatives have an account base ... you should click on the "Contact Wholesale" too. Why? It's the difference between "Acquisition Marketing" and "Retention Marketing." The personal thank you is a long, often lost art... but very much appreciated.

Jay Conrad Levinson, the author and father of Guerilla Marketing, summed it up perfectly when speaking on "how we acquire business" ... "Most likely, you are aiming almost 100% of your marketing budget at prospects. Does that mean you are wasting 70% of it? I hate to tell you this in public, but it does. The rule of thumb says 30% goes to prospects, 10% goes to the universe, and 60% goes to customers. Marketing works well that way. Ask any guerrilla."

Customized marketing packages are available for any business.
Click on the link below to contact us! then type "Wholesale - Cookies?" in the subject line.


Desserts for area restaurants/coffee shops/food stores/wine & spirits stores can inquire at the same email address... just type Desserts - Wholesale in the subject line.  Thanks.

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