What's New?

Take a guess on how many cookies are stuffed in here...


  • New places to find Bella's Cookies... click here .
  • Agave Cookies (No Added Sugar) now available... there has been many requests for organic cookies with no added sugar, and we've perfected an oatmeal raisin cookie as our first release.
  • Verdi Good, a new candy & confection company, from Liam (our Son & Bella's brother) now has products online. Click on the Verdi Good link on the left, or simply click here.
  • Plenty of new Gluten-Free Cookies and Desserts available - Call the bakery at 302-684-8152.
  • Holiday Season is right around the corner - reserve your Holiday desserts today.


Cookie Tastings

With each new retailer, we typically conduct a tasting. It gives us a chance to meet you at a place you normally visit... whether that be a coffee shop, natural markets, hospital, etc. Check here often to see if any tastings are coming to your area.

Want some creative treat ideas for your cookies?
Click here and be taken to our "Creative Cookies" page.

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