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Sun Dollar (Lemon Sugar & Dairy Free)
Sun Dollar is our official cookie of Summer...
11 months ago you left... and you trudged through a long year, but now you're back. Your reward... Summer at the Delaware Beaches. It's a magical place. The shrieks of the gulls, the crashing of the ocean waves, and the shrills of delight from chidren running along the shoreline. Your days are spent basking in the sun, and your nights in a rocker on a screened porch. Fun is all around you & you often wish you could spend more time here. Now you can... Take a big, deep, breath. Lemon. The quintessential taste of summer. As you sink your teeth into this puffy, cakelike, lemon sugar delight, wherever you may be, you're transported back to that front porch... it's 79 degrees, and the moon is casting it's reflection as far as your eyes can see.

The "Sun Dollar" is Bella's Cookies official all natural and organic cookie of Summer. One look at this cookie and you'll know why it's called the "Sun Dollar." Ever strolled the sand in search of seashells? You've probably found a Sand Dollar. A little known fact about them is... if you gently crack open a Sand Dollar, inside are white pieces of shell that (provided you're very careful when cracking open) look like little, white doves. Next time you get your hands on one, try it. For those who can't get here, or for those longing to return, these sun drenched creations are a little easier to get your hands on. Just click "Add to Cart."

Local Delivery is 30 miles.

Sun Dollar's are made without butter... perfect for those allergic to dairy products.

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