Top 7 Reasons to Eat Organic

  • 1) It's Healthier: research typically shows higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals in organic foods.
  • 2) No Pesticides: There are over 400 chemical pesticides routinely used in conventional farming with residues making their way to your plate. Click here for a downloadable report that lists the most highly sprayed fruits and vegetables.
  • 3) No GM Crops: "Frankencrops" (Genetically modified) are not permitted... they're not allowed in Europe (why are they allowed here?)
  • 4) No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics: when animals traditionally get sick, they're given antibiotics to speed up recovery, so they can get back into production (think cows & milking - those antibiotics end up in the milk you drink) - the same can be said for growth hormones (there's a hormone typically fed to non-organic milk cows called RGB, which makes a cow a "milking machine."
  • 5) Humane treatment of animals: chickens are free-roaming, cows graze in grassy pasture, it's an all around "more pleasant" environment for the animals who in turn reward you with great tasting eggs or milk.
  • 6) Better for the environment: Think about pesticides. No pesticides on crops would mean no residues washed into water basins, no contaminating of waterways, which in turn would decrease the cost to control pesticides in the municipal water supply, etc.
  • 7) Taste: There is definitely a taste difference. Want a quick test to prove this? Purchase a bottle of regular ketchup and compare to organic ketchup. You'll notice how much darker and richer the organic ketchup is vs. its conventional counterpart.